“I just wanted to say that I have been emailing Stacey about booking myself and my family in for a half day fishing in October and she has been absolutely wonderful. So helpful!  We’re all excited!”


Kristopher M.

“Angle Zambia, thanks for a wonderful time out on the water.  It was a lovely day and we had a lot of fun and laughter, with the tigers giving us a good run.  Andrew is one of the best guides I have been on the water with and knows his stuff! A professional company that made the day on the water all the more special!”

Mark P.

“Vivienne, I just wanted to say thank you very much for the wonderful afternoon spent fishing with Angle Zambia. Andrew and Patrick were super and lived up to all my expectations.  I guarantee you I’ll do it again, plus I will encourage all my friends to come fish with you here on the Zambezi River”


Drew D.

“After 69 years, 7 major rivers, 6 large lakes, 3 oceans, a few select ponds and both hemispheres, I still rank Angle Zambia as THE sporting adventure of my life! Long live Angle Zambia.”

Ronnie V.

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Brandon Welsh


Recommend these guys to those in search of fresh ideas, quality products and excellent customer support. I’m their regular client and this is one of my best decisions. Great customer support through years.

James Brown

Business owner